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GitLab Pages
.. warning::
Configuration will change to ```` late
February or early March due to Let's Encrypt wildcard cert support.
Published pages end up at ```` instead of the usual
``user.some.tld/project``. In other words, all pages are hosted on the same
subdomain which is a security problem for dynamic websites. **Do not use this
service for secure dynamic websites**, sync to your own host instead.
Shared rsyncable host for per-branch review
.. note:: Arrives late February or early March together with pages change.
With the supplied secret you can call ``rsync`` to the root of ````.
Keep whatever you do inside your own namespace ````.
Usually you would have subdirectories per branch for review apps.
Because the shared secret gives access to the root of the domain this service is
inherently insecure. **Do not use this service for anything secure**, use your
own infrastructure instead.
Also note that only plain, static HTML is supported. There is no support for
PHP, CGI or any other type of executable. Use your own infrastructure, usually
Docker or Kubernetes based, if you need actual application support.
Markdown is supported
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