Verified Commit 4a8eda52 authored by Valo's avatar Valo
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chan-dl: split wget command for readability

parent 6638ea3c
......@@ -11,7 +11,10 @@ case "$@" in
's/.+\/(8ch).+(\/.+\/).+\/(.+)\..+/\1an\2\3/') ; skipfiles="" mediaserver="" ;;
wget -nd -c -r -H -l 1 -P "$DIRNAME" -R '*\.html'"${skipfiles}" -D "$mediaserver" \
wget -nd -c -r -H -l 1 \
-D "$mediaserver" \
-R "${skipfiles}" \
-A png,gif,jpg,jpeg,webm,rar,zip,7z,tar*,pdf,mp4 "$@"
exit 0
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