Verified Commit c419fd6f authored by Valo's avatar Valo
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added global umatrix rules

parent 2ac467fb
https-strict: behind-the-scene false
matrix-off: about-scheme true
matrix-off: behind-the-scene true
matrix-off: chrome-extension-scheme true
matrix-off: chrome-scheme true
matrix-off: moz-extension-scheme true
matrix-off: opera-scheme true
matrix-off: wyciwyg-scheme true
noscript-spoof: * true
referrer-spoof: * true
referrer-spoof: behind-the-scene false
* * * block
* 1st-party cookie allow
* 1st-party css allow
* 1st-party frame allow
* 1st-party image allow
* 1st-party media allow
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